Kirk Chewning and Sponsorship of the Half-Ironman in Cane Bay

Some management consulting company executives, like Kirk Chewning, like to have the organization sponsor athletic activities in the local area. Cane Bay Partners, which is headed by Mr. Chewning and his partner David Johnson, has sponsored a half-Ironman competition on the island of St. Croix in the Virgin Islands.

About the Triathlon

In the Ironman, participants tackle a challenging triathlon with swimming, biking and running. Many participants want to finish quickly in an effort to beat other competitors. In contrast, there are always some participants who have the goal of completing the triathlon and are not concerned about how long it takes. A full Ironman competition must be completed within 16 hours and 50 minutes. This sounds like a long time, but the rigors of the competition must be acknowledged. Even the half-Ironman requires a 56-mile bike ride and a 13-mile run.

Personality Characteristics

What are personality characteristics of people who take on this significant challenge? One important characteristic is that they are striving to perform at their highest level. They put a premium on excellence. They may be perfectionists in other areas of life who enjoy tackling big challenges and seeing how well they perform. This might be demonstrated by noting that celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay has completed a full Ironman. It took him more than 14 hours to do so, but being able to finish is considered a success.

Ironman competitors are likely to be driven, persistent and determined. Their friends and relatives may affectionately refer to them as stubborn. They are willing to face obstacles and do their best to overcome these problems. During an Ironman competition, for instance, they may have to deal with wind, heat and rain. They don’t let these weather conditions stop them from doing their best to finish.

How This Relates to Work Behavior

Listing the completed Ironman competition on a resume when applying for work is a valid strategy. Many men and women in charge of hiring understand that people who take on that type of challenge are going to be superb workers who will want to move up the ladder by doing more than is required. Managers looking for the right employees will want to consider this as they search through applications.